Professional In Home Pet Care & Sitting Services

Silver Paw

We will:

  • feed your dog or cat daily
  • check on the pet’s water and stocks of food and treats
  • administer any medication provided by you that can be taken orally by your pet
  • with your prior permission if we are able to contact you (but if not then in the case of an emergency) take your pet to your family vet
  • clear out your letterbox
  • bring in any rubbish bins
  • clean the litter-tray for a cat that spends time indoors
  • clean any droppings from the yard area left by your dog while you are away

Gold Pow

In addition to all the professional pet care services provided under the Silver Paw package, we will:

  • walk your dog daily for up to one hour (depending on the size, age and physical well-being of your dog)
  • give your dog a final shampoo and blow dry just prior to your return (minimum stay 4 days)
Platinum Paw

In addition to all the professional pet care provided under the Gold and Silver Paw packages, we will:

  • walk your dog twice daily for up to one hour (depending on the size, age and physical well-being of your dog)
  • spend at least one additional hour each day with your dog and provide additional play-time, treats, etc. to address any anxiety issues


These services will be provided only by Zacs staff.

If we find that demand for these services exceeds the time available to our staff, we’ll look to engage additional staff for the store who are also qualified to provide these pet-minding services, rather than engage any third party providers. We will not entrust your home and your pet to anyone we wouldn’t trust in our store.

After your return you’ll be able to contact the staff member responsible for minding your pet for feedback on how your dog or cat settled in and behaved while you were away.

If you have more than one dog, they will need to be walked together. If they cannot be walked together (eg. a difference in size, age or physical well-being) a different fee arrangement will be negotiated.

We’ll feed your dog or cat food and treats left by you, but we can provide (at a 10% discount to our normal retail price) additional food and treats carried at our store preferred by your pet.

If you’d like obedience training for your dog (eg. correct walking on a lead) while you’re away, we have a qualified dog trainer on our staff who can do this for you as part of the daily walking routine. The additional fee for this service will be negotiated separately, depending on our assessment of the dog and its training needs. There will be handover of your dog by our trainer upon your return where feedback, guidance and instruction will be provided on reinforcing the lessons learned by your dog.

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